Wendy Williams Opens Up About Financial Struggles in Candid Documentary

Wendy Williams’ upcoming Lifetime documentary provides a candid look into her health and financial challenges, showcasing a raw and unfiltered perspective on her journey to reclaim her life and legacy. Airing on Feb. 24 and 25, it promises emotional moments, rare interviews and insights into her desire to return to television.



Wendy Williams Opens Up About Financial Struggles in Candid Documentary


News about Wendy Williams Reveals She’s Broke

A new documentary titled “Where is Wendy Williams?” is set to air on Lifetime, giving viewers a raw and unfiltered look into the tumultuous past few years of the former talk show host’s life. The trailer, released on Friday, features behind-the-scenes footage of Williams struggling with her health and includes candid interviews marking a rare public appearance for her.

The documentary will cover Williams’ health and financial issues documenting her battle with the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease, which led to the cancellation of her daytime talk show in 2022. That same year, she was placed under financial guardianship by Wells Fargo, who claimed she was an “incapacitated person.”

In the trailer Williams emotionally reveals her financial struggles, saying, “I have no money” and emphasizes that what happened to her could happen to anyone. The footage captures her breaking down in tears, expressing her loneliness and admitting to having no friends. Concerns about her drinking and memory loss are raised by her loved ones, including her son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Cameras have been documenting Williams’ efforts to “reclaim her life and legacy” for almost two years, according to Lifetime. The documentary sheds light on her vulnerabilities, mental and physical issues, erratic behavior, and declining health. Williams, who serves as an executive producer on the project, expresses a desire to return to television in the trailer.

The documentary is set to air over two nights on Feb. 24 and 25, providing an in-depth look at Williams’ journey to resurrect her career. Lifetime describes it as a “raw, honest and unfiltered reality” exploring her life after financial guardianship and the challenges she faced. The network also emphasizes that the documentary reveals the story of Wendy’s journey to rebuild her career.

This new documentary follows Lifetime’s previous productions about Wendy Williams including the biopic “Wendy Williams: The Movie” and the documentary “Wendy Williams: What a Mess” both aired in 2021.


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