Winner claims $1.35B Mega Millions

The winner of the $1.35billion Mega Millions jackpot - the fourth largest in US history - has come forward to collect the prize, state officials said Wednesday.

The Maine State Lottery said the winner has been kept anonymous.

had opted to collect the cash option through LaKoma Island Investments LLC, a limited liability company.

"The winner is thoughtfully considering the life-changing award," a representative said in a statement.

The winner will receive a one-time, one-time payment of $723,564,144 first if he chooses the cash option, officials said.

Lottery officials said the winner had opted to remain anonymous either in person or through a trust.

The winner's winning ticket was confirmed when a representative brought it to the Lottery headquarters on Friday in August.

Wire transfer of money to the winner will happen before the end of the week.