Vector's Comeback: 'Mooned' Short Amplifying the 'Despicable Me' Universe

The official Minions TikTok account teased a new Despicable Me spin-off short and on Monday the trailer for "Mooned" was officially released.

This short will be shown before Illumination's original comedy-adventure film "Migration" hitting theaters on December 22 via Universal Pictures.

"Mooned" will catch up with Gru's crew and explore what happened to Vector the main antagonist from the first Despicable Me film and the Minion stranded with him on the Moon.

Jason Segal returns as the voice of Vector, while Pierre Coffin the franchise director will voice the Minions.

The short is directed by Benjamin Renner an Oscar-nominated filmmaker known for works like "Ernest & Celestine" and "The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales." Co-directed by Guylo Homsy, the screenplay is by Mike White.

"Migration" the original comedy-adventure follows a family of Mallard ducks - anxious dad Mack (voiced by Kumail Nanjiani) daring mom Pam (voiced by Elizabeth Banks), confident son Dax (voiced by Casper Jennings) and lovable baby daughter Gwen (voiced by newcomer Tresi Gazal).

The family decides to break their routine with an epic flight, leading to unexpected adventures.

Apart from the aforementioned cast members the film also features voices from Awkwafina, Carole Kane, Keegan-Michael Key, David Mitchell and Danny DeVito.