TiTXT drops upcoming album 'The Name Chapter: Freefall' teasertle 1

South Korean boy band, Tomorrow X Together (TXT), is creating excitement with the teaser of their upcoming album.

TXT recently unveiled a concept clip for their highly anticipated album, "The Name Chapter: Freefall," on Wednesday.

The teaser, titled "Reality", features the TXT members walking and dancing amidst a rainy urban landscape.

"The Name Chapter: Freefall" was announced by TXT in August.

Also included was the unveiling of their new logo. Fans can mark their calendars for the album's release on October 13.

This album, "The Name Chapter: Freefall", will be an important milestone for TXT.

Represents their first full-length Korean album since "The Chaos Chapter: Freeze", which was released in May 2021.

What is particularly notable about the new album is the inclusion of the single "Back for More", a collaboration with Brazilian singer Anita.