The Singer's Unconventional Journey: Embracing Success On and Off Stage

The singer's son, Angelo was born in 2012 during the peak of her album "21"'s success.

She won six Grammy Awards while pregnant joining Beyoncé as the only women to achieve this feat.

During a speech at the Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Gala, she reflected on her journey.

She expressed surprise at realizing it's been 17 years since she started her music career.

Revealed that during the frenzy of her "21" success, she became pregnant a time she describes as surreal and chaotic.

Acknowledged the perception that becoming pregnant during her peak success might have been seen as career suicide.

Emphasized her choice to defy conventional expectations and embrace both motherhood and her career.

Rejects the notion that constant relevance is necessary for success aiming to excel both on and off stage.