The Great Season 3 DVD Release: The Grand Finale and Digital Surprise

Season 3 of "The Great" is the show's concluding season, and it's a must-add to your DVD collection. The wait for its release is almost over.

While the series is inspired by Catherine the Great's life, it is important to note that it isn't historically accurate. Instead, it uses satire to provide entertainment over the past three seasons.

Despite the show's popularity, Hulu has chosen to cancel it, leaving fans disappointed.

Season 3 concludes Peter's storyline, albeit with some historical deviations, and hints at exciting developments for Catherine as she takes control of Russia.

Unfortunately, we won't get to witness what happens next.

Fortunately, "The Great" has a history of DVD releases for each season, and the third and final season's DVD release is just around the corner.

The official release date is Tuesday, Oct. 24.

While it's not yet available for pre-order on Amazon, it's expected to be soon.

Pre-ordering is advisable to benefit from a price guarantee, ensuring you pay the lowest price available up to the release date.