Thanksgiving Movie Review: Eli Roth's Chilling Vision of Plymouth's Night of Horror


Thanksgiving often takes a backseat to Christmas in popular culture lacking dedicated movies, TV specials, or iconic tunes. Its overshadowing by Black Friday further diminishes its recognition.

Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving lacks a plethora of horror films set around it.


There's a notable scarcity of Thanksgiving-themed horror movies with few notable exceptions like "Blood Rage."

Renowned horror filmmaker Eli Roth ventures into this sparse genre with his project titled "Thanksgiving," set in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

In the story, the tradition of Thanksgiving clashes with the opening of a department store on the holiday night, diverging from the usual Black Friday tradition.


A riot erupts due to certain circumstances, leading to casualties. Jessica Wright, whose father owns the department store and her friends are caught in the chaos.

The event is recorded and goes viral sparking repercussions a year later.

The viral video inspires someone to adopt the persona of John Carver the first governor of the Plymouth Colony, donning his mask to seek vengeance.


This individual targets those involved in the riot, portraying them as holiday-sale-frenzied Americans and executes them.