Sophia Bush reportedly dating soccer star Ashlyn Harris – as it happened

2023 has witnessed a significant number of high-profile divorces, leaving some to question the state of love in today's world.

However, recent developments, including Traylor and the budding romance between Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris, suggest that love may still find its way.

According to a source cited by People, actress Sophia Bush and retired soccer champion Ashlyn Harris are now romantically involved.

Despite being friends for years and having common social circles, they recently went on their first dinner date.

Both individuals have recently gone through breakups, signifying new beginnings in their lives.

Sophia Bush ended her 13-month marriage with Grant Hughes in August, while Ashlyn Harris separated from her wife and fellow soccer teammate, Ali Krieger (with whom she shares two children), in September.

It's worth noting that Ashlyn and Ali's divorce proceedings had begun months before becoming public, and they had been living apart since the summer.

Despite public curiosity, the source emphasizes that there is no sensational or scandalous story behind this budding romance.