Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge are expecting a baby

Sofia Richie revealed on January 25 that she and her husband, music executive Elliot Grainge, are expecting their first child.

The announcement was made through an interview and photo shoot with Vogue, where Richie shared the news of expecting a baby girl.

Vogue's Instagram account congratulated Sofia Richie with a caption, sharing pictures of Richie proudly displaying her baby bump and a photo of the couple.

In the article, Richie mentioned taking a pregnancy test before attending an Ed Sheeran concert with Grainge due to a slight delay in her period.

Confirming the positive result, Grainge bought three more tests, and the couple shared the news creatively with their parents.

They placed the positive tests in an Hermes box, presenting it as a "gift from Milan Fashion Week."

Both sets of grandparents received the news with joy, watching their initial expectations of an expensive present turn into the excitement of impending grandparenthood.

Sofia Richie, daughter of Grammy-winning superstar Lionel Richie, and Elliot Grainge, son of Universal Music Group chairman/CEO Lucian Grainge, were married in the South of France in April.