SNL in Review: Nate Bargatze Hosting with Foo Fighters

The text introduces the Halloween edition of Saturday Night Live (SNL), with comedian Nate Bargatze as the host and the Foo Fighters as the musical guest.

The text mentions that SNL has a history of producing sketches with a macabre or horror comedy theme, citing examples like David S.

Pumpkins and the infamous Fear performance. The genre of horror comedy is noted for its potential for both hits and misses.

The text features insights from former SNL cast member Gary Kroeger.

He recalls one of his first episodes during Season 8, hosted by Michael Keaton on October 30, which was the Halloween show.

Kroeger feels that they didn't fully showcase Keaton's talent despite his dedication.

The text discusses what audiences can expect with a stand-up comedian like Nate Bargatze hosting the show.

According to Kroeger, stand-up comedians are usually given more creative freedom because they have a strong grasp of humor and comedic timing.

He also mentions that stand-up hosts are skilled at keeping the comedic thread of a sketch intact.