Slipknot part ways with longtime drummer Jay Weinberg

Slipknot has officially announced the departure of their drummer, Jay Weinberg, who had been with the band for a decade.

In their statement, Slipknot expressed their gratitude to Jay Weinberg for his dedication and passion during his ten-year tenure with the band.

Jay Weinberg had joined Slipknot in December 2013, succeeding the original drummer, Joey Jordison, who had left the band the same month.

Joey Jordison's departure from Slipknot in 2013 was initially attributed to "personal reasons."

However, he revealed in 2016 that he had a neurological disease, transverse myelitis, which led to his exit. Jordison passed away in 2021.

Slipknot acknowledged that while no one could replace Joey Jordison's unique sound, style and energy, Jay Weinberg honored Jordison's contributions and played on the band's last three albums.

Slipknot made a creative decision to part ways with Jay Weinberg as they are focused on evolving their sound and direction.

The band expressed their best wishes for Jay Weinberg's future endeavors and what it holds for him.