Sesame Street format changes for 56th Season in 2025

The iconic children's series, Sesame Street, is set to undergo a significant creative makeover for its 56th season, which is set to debut in 2025.

According to Sesame Workshop CEO Steve Youngwood, this change represents an evolution for the show.

That includes subtle changes and more significant moves while maintaining Sesame Street's original identity.

The most notable change will include moving away from the traditional "magazine"-style format that the show has used for years.

Instead, the new format will feature two longer, narrative-driven segments, each lasting 11minutes, separated by a new animated series called "Tales from 123".

The new format aims to facilitate more in-depth storytelling.

Sesame Workshop executive VP and chief creative development and production officer K. Wilson Stallings described these changes as a "reimagining" of the show.

With this change, the show could explore both an "A" story focusing on the main character's experiences, and a "B" story introducing additional humor and character moments.