Schwarzenegger's Sweet Ritual: Oatmeal Cookies for Family and Pets

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor, shared on The Tonight Show his tradition of treating his grandchildren to oatmeal cookies, mirroring how he treats his pets.

The 76-year-old actor takes care of three dogs, two horses, and a pig, showcasing his deep affection for his diverse group of animals.

Schwarzenegger expressed his love for his pets during a delightful conversation, unveiling their morning treat - oatmeal cookies made with honey, bananas and oatmeal.

Originally made for the horses Lulu and Whiskey, the cookies became a favorite for dogs and even the pig, showcasing the animals' diverse tastes.

When daughter Katherine visits with granddaughters Lyla and Eloise, along with various animals, they all eagerly gather for the tasty snacks, creating heartwarming moments.

Schwarzenegger humorously noted the pig's love for everything, even eating stones, adding a humorous touch to the pet feeding routine.

Described a heartwarming scene where granddaughters mimic the animals in a cookie-sharing ritual, bringing joy to the family and animals alike.

Schwarzenegger's journey is featured in the Netflix docuseries "Arnold," using never-before-seen footage to explore his transformation from a small-town Austrian boy to a global phenomenon.