'Reptile' Netflix review: Crime drama's and Unusual Suspect

The Saw films are known for three recurring elements: gruesome traps, extensive flashbacks, and significant plot twists.

When Charlie Clouser's iconic "Hello Zep" theme begins to play, the audience expects a dramatic twist.

The tenth installment of the series, Saw X, is no exception. However, the ending is predictable, which is what sets it apart.

That's the unexpected disruption to Jigsaw's plans and the unexpected touch of sentiment in its finale.

Saw X places significant emphasis on Jigsaw/John Kramer (Tobin Bell), a sadistic serial killer with a twisted moral code and remarkable engineering skills.

It tries to humanize him. Given that the film is a midquel, set before his death in Saw III.

The audience understands that he is not immune to his incurable disease or outside interference in his macabre games.

Which will put them in a precarious situation. The third part of the film mainly revolves around the latter scenario.