Ridley Scott's 'Napoleon': A Cinematic Epic of Ambition, War and Vulnerability

Renowned filmmaker Ridley Scott recently shared his experience of working with Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix on his upcoming Napoleon Bonaparte biopic "Napoleon".

Scott compared working with Phoenix to a "toboggan ride", highlighting the ease and familiarity of their collaboration.

When asked about his leading man he jokingly mentioned his affinity for stress.

The film sheds light on the complex portrayal of Napoleon, portraying him as a formidable military strategist.

Whose vulnerable side is revealed by his wife Josephine, played by Vanessa Kirby.

For Scott, revisiting the subject of Napoleon was a deliberate choice related to his interest in French culture.

Which dates back to his first film, "The Duellists", which ended with an allusion to Napoleon Bonaparte.

The 85-year-old director, known for his illustrious career in iconic films such as “Thelma & Louise,” “Alien,” and “The Martian,” insisted on meticulous attention to historical accuracy in “Napoleon.”

Scott expressed his interest in the extensive research conducted by his production team, ensuring authenticity in every detail from weapons and horses to wardrobe choices.