Rapper 2 Chainz hospitalized in car accident in Miami

Rapper 2 Chainz reportedly survived a car accident in Miami, Florida during Art Basel weekend. He was rear-ended on I-95 in the early hours.

Footage from the rapper's Instagram confirmed the incident showing him filming the damaged vehicle from an ambulance.

He was taken to a hospital in stable condition having suffered neck injuries.

The crash involved three vehicles: a Mercedes, a Nissan and a Toyota.

There were no fatalities reported, but suspicions arose that the driver who hit 2 Chainz might have been driving under the influence as per the Florida Highway Patrol.

The rapper was rear-ended while about to exit the highway.

His Instagram footage revealed severe damage to the driver’s side of the black vehicle involved in the crash.

Prior to the accident, 2 Chainz had posted on Instagram from a recently popular seafood spot and reportedly spent time at a local strip club.

Concerns about drinking and driving emerged on social media after the accident urging against considering it 'cool' and suggesting stricter penalties for drunk drivers.