Quiz lady Movie Review: - Double Trouble Delight

Buddy comedies with great chemistry between the leads are comforting and engaging.

When the lead actors in a buddy comedy have demonstrable chemistry, it sets the stage for a successful movie.

Director Jessica Yu found the perfect duo in Awkwafina and Sandra Oh, who play two sisters embarking on a quest for family redemption. Their on-screen chemistry is impeccable.

Awkwafina's character, Anne, is a quiet woman in Pennsylvania whose lifelong joy is a daily game show, "Can't Stop the Quiz," hosted by her idol, Terry McTeer (Will Ferrell).

Anne's life takes a turn when her gambling-addicted mother disappears from her nursing home and her sister Jenny (Sandra Oh) arrives in town.

The sisters face the stress of dealing with a shady debt collector determined to collect their mother's gambling debts, creating a seemingly inescapable family predicament.

Jenny discovers Anne's expertise in "Can't Stop the Quiz" and sees it as a potential way to save the family through game show success.

"Quiz Lady" combines elements of a family saga, a road movie and a buddy comedy, driven by the endearing chemistry between Awkwafina and Sandra Oh.