Old Navy's Stylish Holiday Campaign with Natasha Lyonne and Affordable Fashion Collections

Old Navy is launching a holiday campaign featuring Natasha Lyonne, best known for her role in "Poker Face."

In the campaign, Natasha Lyonne appears as two versions of herself, both dressed in stylish outfits.

The two Natashas engage in clever banter and compliment each other's outfits, concluding with the phrase "Thanks, It's Old Navy."

Old Navy is introducing a Dressy Collection for the holiday season.

This collection includes items like the Taylor Velvet Pantsuit, Cami Shine Midi Dress, Sequin Pants, and more.

Prices for items in this collection range from $14.99 to $69.99, making fashionable choices accessible to shoppers.

Old Navy's Alpine City collection combines comfort and style, in line with the brand's reputation for trendy and cozy clothing.

The collection features items like the Fair Isle Sweater, Cocoon Sweater, Puffer Vest, and Puffer Jacket, ideal for staying warm during the winter months.