NBA Star Rui Hachimura Joins 'Crayon Shin-chan' Anime in Special Basketball-Themed Episode

Rui Hachimura, the Japanese star of the LA Lakers is set to make a special appearance in the popular "Crayon Shin-chan" anime.

The episode is scheduled to air on Saturday, November 4th and will see the 25-year-old Hachimura playing himself, attempting to save the world using his basketball skills.

The special episode is titled "Buriburi wa Hachimura Special" and is slated to be broadcast on the Japanese TV station ANN.

This particular episode marks Rui Hachimura's first venture into the world of voice acting or dubbing. It's an exciting opportunity for him to explore a different form of entertainment.

"Crayon Shin-chan" is a long-running manga created by Yoshito Usui in August 1990.

It was adapted into an anime series that debuted in April 1992 and has since aired over 1,000 episodes, making it a beloved and enduring part of Japanese pop culture.

Rui Hachimura joins Yuta Watanabe of the Phoenix Suns as one of the two NBA players of Japanese heritage. This highlights the growing presence of Japanese talent in the NBA.

Rui Hachimura, hailing from Toyama, Japan, has an impressive background in Japanese youth basketball.