Mixed Reactions: "Lords of the Fallen" Launches with Technical Issues on Steam

The author acknowledges that it is not the same thing to be the one to say "It's going fine for me" in response to technical problems in a game.

Which players suffering from issues will appreciate, but also have to share their experiences with "Lords of the Fallen."

Action RPG, "Lords of the Fallen" has received mixed early Steam reviews, indicating that it is not going to be smooth sailing for everyone.

Many players have complained about low frame rates, stuttering, and crashes, with some even being unable to access the main menu.

Who has had a relatively comfortable experience with the game, understands that other players have encountered technical problems.

He mentioned that his own experience included some crashes in the 30 hours of gameplay.

Another player was more likely to have crashes, while the author and another PC Gamer author did not experience any crashes.

Upon the initial launch of "Lords of the Fallen", the author encountered single-digit frame rates in the menus immediately after loading into the starting area.