Michelle Salas' Dream Wedding in Tuscany with Father Luis Miguel Walking Her Down the Aisle

The long-awaited wedding of Michelle Salas and Danilo Diaz took place on Saturday, October 14 at the picturesque Il Boro estate in Tuscany, Italy.

This romantic ceremony took place in a dreamy setting and became a significant moment in the 34-year-old's life. year old model

Notably, Michelle Salas was surrounded by her loved ones and close friends on this special day.

His special attention was on his parents, Stephanie Salas and the famous singer Luis Miguel.

The wedding was much-awaited by fans of the celebrity family, and it gave the father-daughter duo some heart-touching moments, which we are sharing exclusively below.

Hola! USA has officially confirmed that Luis Miguel had the honor of walking his beloved daughter down the aisle and served as best man at the wedding.

A source close revealed that Michelle's emotional admission was a two-part affair.

The first part featured her mother with her, and the second part featured a touching moment when her father Luis Miguel embraced her before meeting Danilo at the altar.