MatPat Bids Farewell: Game Theorists Creator Leaves YouTube

The creator of Game Theorists known as MatPat (real name Matthew Patrick), recently announced his departure from YouTube.

In a video titled “Goodbye Internet” he revealed that March 9 would mark his final day hosting the franchise on YouTube and that he plans to pass on the channels to someone else.

Explaining his decision MatPat expressed a desire to conclude his journey on a high note.

He highlighted the past year as the most successful in the Theorist lifespan.

MatPat along with his wife Stephanie, founded Game Theorists in 2011 to explore gaming lore and elaborate theories surrounding popular video games.

Over time, he expanded the platform with spin-off channels such as Film Theorists, Food Theorists and Style Theorists.

The gaming channel alone has garnered 18.4 million subscribers as of January.

Notably, MatPat hosted the Streamy Awards last year, which garnered 15 million views across digital platforms in its initial 48 hours.

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