Mariah Carey announce Festive Holiday Video and Upcoming Christmas Tour

Mariah Carey, often referred to as the Queen of Christmas has kicked off the holiday season with her annual video.

In the video, she is seen inside a safe encased in a block of ice, being "defrosted" by assistants using a hair dryer.

Mariah Carey herself "It's time!" Singing words ends the melting process.

With one of her famous whistling notes, the ice breaks revealing the singer in a red and white Santa jumpsuit.

As "All I Want for Christmas Is You" begins to play, Carrie is transported to a winter wonderland.

Where she enjoys the snow with friends, gifts and Christmas trees with her twins Monroe and Moroccan.

The video ends with a big kiss from Carey, accompanied by the words "It's time!"

Additionally, Carey is set to make her Merry Christmas One and All debut!

The tour will begin on November 15 in Highland, California and end on December 17 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.