Malia Obama debuts at Sundance Film Festival with 'The Heart'

Malia Obama credited as Malia Ann graced the Sundance Film Festival's red carpet for her short film, "The Heart."

Teen Vogue notes that Malia Ann has solidified her artistic identity with this film previously showcased at Telluride and Chicago festivals.

In a preview video the 25-year-old daughter of Barack and Michelle Obama described "The Heart" as an "odd little story" aiming to offer solace and a reminder not to overlook others' struggles.

Malia Ann both wrote and directed "The Heart" a narrative that follows a lonely man grieving his mother's death after a grocery-related argument and an unusual request in her will according to the festival program.

The film is scheduled for additional screenings alongside other shorts, where Malia Ann expressed gratitude to those involved playfully stating in a YouTube clip that they "have my heart – pun intended."

As a Harvard graduate and former writer for Prime Video's "Swarm," Malia Ann brings academic and professional credentials to her filmmaking.

Working with Donald Glover on "Swarm," Malia Ann received advice about the challenges of making her debut film.

Glover emphasized the unique situation of being Obama's daughter cautioning that the impact of a poorly received film would linger.