Luis Miguel's Heartwarming Moment at Michelle Salas' Wedding

Luis Miguel and his daughter, Michelle Salas, shared a touching moment during her wedding ceremony with Danilo Diaz.

The beloved singer took a brief break from his much-awaited tour to be a part of this special event in Tuscany, Italy and arrived just hours before the ceremony was to begin.

Michelle Salas' engagement became public in May this year. Her relationship with Danilo began in 2016 when she moved to New York City.

After a temporary separation, they reunited in 2021 and went on a trip together in Spain.

The model and influencer announced the life update with a striking black and white photo.

Friends and family were surprised. In the photo, the couple are captured sharing a romantic kiss and captioned: "The beginning of forever. Us."

An emotional moment was shared between singer Luis Miguel and his daughter before exchanging vows with Danilo Diaz.

Luis Miguel made a dramatic entrance, arriving via helicopter and there were rumors that he brought some meaningful and extravagant gifts for the special occasion.