Knockout Action: Jake Gyllenhaal Takes Center Stage in 'Road House' Revamp

Doug Liman's updated "Road House" features Jake Gyllenhaal as Elwood Dalton, an ex-UFC middleweight fighter.

The modern version diverges from the original, offering a relentless two-and-a-half-minute trailer filled with intense bar brawls.

Elwood, portrayed by Gyllenhaal, lives in his rundown car and engages in underground fighting rings, catching the attention of bar owner Jessica Williams.

Williams persuades Elwood to become a bouncer at her Florida Keys roadhouse, emphasizing good pay and noting the state of his beat-up car.

The trailer introduces characters including Billy Magnussen as wealthy developer Grant, Conor McGregor in his film debut as an aggressive roughneck, and Lukas Gage as a bar back.

Elwood takes on the role of protecting the bar against Grant's plans for a resort, promising a series of action-packed sequences.

Arturo Castro's character describes Elwood as initially pleasant but transforming into a formidable force when defending the bar. McGregor's antagonist adds intensity to the narrative.

Scenes from the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 285 in Las Vegas showcase the film's commitment to rowdy and explosive action.