Kevin Costner and Jewel are reportedly dating

Actor Kevin Costner and Grammy-nominated singer Jewel were seen together at a tennis fundraiser in the British Virgin Islands, sparking rumors of a romantic involvement.

Photographs captured Costner embracing Jewel as she spoke into a microphone, suggesting a possible connection between them.

The pair reportedly traveled to the Caribbean for a fundraising event organized by Jewel's Inspiring Children Foundation.

Costner participated as a guest and served as a mentor to the children involved.

Jewel later acknowledged Costner's mentoring contribution in an Instagram post from the trip.

Costner's alleged romance with Jewel follows his divorce from Christine Baumgartner, concluding an 18-year marriage that involved contentious disputes over finances and the custody of their children - Cayden, Hayes, and Grace.

Although specifics about custody arrangements are unclear, their prenuptial agreement was upheld.

During the divorce proceedings, Costner accused Baumgartner of unauthorized credit card spending, and child support initially set at $129,000 monthly was reportedly reduced to $63,000.