Kevin Afghani Revealed as the New Voice of Mario in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

After months of speculation and rumors regarding the new voice actor for Mario, it has been officially revealed as Kevin Afghani.

Kevin Afghani made the announcement on a platform referred to as "X," which is formerly known as Twitter.

He expressed his pride in voicing Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder and thanked Nintendo for the opportunity.

Nintendo confirmed this news via email, confirming that Kevin Afghani is the new voice actor for Mario.

This development followed Charles Martinet's departure from the role in August, as he took on a position as a Mario ambassador.

Nintendo had been maintaining secrecy about the identity of the new voice actor and previously stated that the actor's name would be revealed in the credits of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

Various rumors had circulated regarding the potential voice actors for Mario, with actors like Mick Wingert being mentioned. However, Wingert denied his involvement in playing Mario in Wonder.

Earlier in the week, VGC reported that the voice talent in the game was revealed through datamining of a demo version of the game, with Kevin Afghani's name listed at the top in alphabetical order by last name.