Katy Perry is planning new tour

The 38-year-old star's residency at Resorts World Las Vegas is set to last until November.

But after the Las Vegas show wraps up, Katy wants to hit the road with a new tour.

Katy told Out magazine: "I learned that there are a lot of people who didn't make it to Vegas.

Katy said she was last on tour in 2018 and I went to see the kids who didn't make it to Vegas."

Katy dropped a hint that there aren't any tours for Vegas thanks to the fabulous set she has in store.

Katy said, "I'm so proud of this show that we've made with my love, it's our amazing lovely show that we love so much.

This is the biggest hit show for me, I call it thriller, not filler. I wish I could bring this show to the rest of the world.

Katy has two daughters with fiancé Orlando Bloom, who live in a Las Vegas residency.