Genndy Tartakovsky's 'Primal' Redefines Adult Swim Programming with a Shift Toward Drama

Actress Julia Fox recently revealed that she auditioned for a role in the Madonna biopic, which is currently on hold.

Her audition was not for a background role, but for the character of director Ciccone, with hopes of portraying Madonna's longtime friend and confidant, Debie Mazar.

Fox shared this interesting tidbit during her appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" (WWHL).

Their audition for the Madonna biopic sparked a unique relationship, leading to a memorable dinner and a widely circulated meme.

Reflecting on Madonna, Julia Fox expressed admiration for the pop icon, and emphasized the strength found within her vulnerability.

He described Madonna as a woman with an attractive "it factor", which perfectly encapsulates her status as a cultural icon.

It's clear that Fox has a deep appreciation for Material Girl's presence and influence.

Julia Fox's appearance on WWHL was primarily to promote her book.