Jennifer Lopez Produces Bob the Builder: A Puerto Rican Adventure

Jennifer Lopez is producing a new animated film featuring the classic character Bob the Builder.

Anthony Ramos, known for In the Heights, will voice the character of Bob in the movie.

Written by Felipe Vargas, the film follows Bob as he embarks on a major construction project in Puerto Rico.

While in Puerto Rico, Bob addresses issues affecting the island and explores the true meaning of construction.

The film celebrates the vibrant cultures of the Caribbean Latin nations.

Anthony Ramos, also a producer on the project, expresses excitement about creating a movie that highlights teamwork, celebrates a shared home and explores the power of love in overcoming challenges. Parts of the story are inspired by his own life.

Mattel Films president Robbie Brenner mentions that the collaboration between Anthony and Felipe aims to capture the beloved character of Bob in a way that appeals to both existing fans and new audiences.

The movie maintains the positive and problem-solving spirit of the original show with an original story set in Puerto Rico.