Inside Out 2 Teaser Trailer Reveals Teenage Turbulence and New Emotions

Pixar filmmakers demonstrate a keen awareness of the challenges faced by teenagers in today's anxiety-inducing environment through the teaser trailer for "Inside Out 2"

Disney has unveiled the trailer and movie poster for the highly-anticipated sequel, slated for release in June 2024.

"Inside Out 2" appears to pick up where the original film left off with Riley entering her teenage years at the age of 13.

The well-known emotions of Joy (voiced by Amy Poehler), Sadness (voiced by Phyllis Smith), Anger (voiced by Lewis Black), Fear and Disgust are still part of the cast, although Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling are not voicing Fear and Disgust anymore.

A significant change is introduced in Riley's emotional world as a construction crew enters her headspace announcing "demolition day."

This development leads to her original emotions seeking cover nervously.

The movie poster hints at a group of new teenage emotions that Riley and her team will have to face, but the trailer introduces one particularly relevant emotion in today's context - Anxiety.

Disney's press release accompanying the trailer states that Kelsey Mann the film's director assures that Anxiety, voiced by Maya Hawke will play a substantial role within Riley's emotional headquarters.

Mann explains that Anxiety, while new to the crew is not one to take a back seat. This character's inclusion makes sense when considering the complexities of the human mind.