Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski Seen Kissing in Tokyo Street

Harry Styles "revealed" his steamy kiss with Emily Ratajkowski.

Harry Styles had his eye on Emily Ratajkowski years ago.

In a resurfaced video from eight years ago, the former One Direction crooner was asked if he had a one of the best "celebrity crush."

"Emily Ratajkowski," Harry Styles coyly replied, mispronouncing her surname.

the "As It Was" singer replied during an interview with Tele hit in December 2014.

"Harry Styles revealed it," podcaster Amanda Hirsch captioned a repost of a clip on her Instagram on Sunday.

Fans began weighing in, commenting "Yet good for him. Dreams do come true 😂," and "I try to cheer for Harry:

The "Gone Girl" actress bears a striking resemblance to Harry's ex Kendall Jenner, who he dated for years.