Golden State Warriors expected to sign former lottery pick

The Warriors are expected to sign the former lottery pick.

The Golden State Warriors are filling out a bingo card of former Phoenix Suns players.

NBA writer Mark Stein reported Friday that the Warriors are "likely" to sign veteran forward Dario Saric in free agency.

Stein noted that one problem with Saric is that he has only generated interest for a league-minimum contract and is willing for more.

Saric, 29, was selected in the 2014 lottery by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Saric is also known for his tenure with the Suns from 2019-23.

Saric who was teammates with the latest Warriors Chris Paul (including during the 2021 NBA Finals in Phoenix)

Saric is a versatile 6-foot-10-inch playmaker who shot 39.1 percent from three-point range last season.