Florence Pugh's Unexpected Twist in 'Oppenheimer' Sex Scene

Florence Pugh shares a humorous behind-the-scenes incident from Christopher Nolan's film "Oppenheimer."

Pugh, playing Jean Tatlock, discusses a technical difficulty during a sex scene with co-star Cillian Murphy.

Pugh reveals that the camera broke in the midst of an intimate scene, causing an unexpected delay.

Limited alternative cameras forced the crew to address and fix the issue with the current equipment.

Pugh humorously describes the situation, being in a closed set with Murphy while the camera glitch was being addressed.

During the interruption, Pugh seizes the chance to learn about the technical problem, engaging with the crew member attempting to fix the camera.

Director Christopher Nolan later explains that the issue stemmed from a lighting problem.

Despite the unexpected hiccup, Pugh expresses admiration for the knowledgeable and dedicated crew.