Fires of Change: Tensions Rise as Severide Returns to ATF in 'Chicago Fire' season 13 episode 3

The latest season of "Chicago Fire" sees significant cast changes, including Blake Gallo's departure to Detroit and Severide's return to the ATF fire investigation unit.

Feeling disrespected by Severide upon his return, Cruz decides to take the lieutenant's test and expresses his desire to leave Squad 51.

Stella, dealing with her own issues with Severide, advises him to have a heart-to-heart with Cruz as tensions rise within the team.

The show's creator hints at major decisions to be made by Kidd, Severide and Cruz in episode 3, with the possibility of one of them leaving Chicago.

In the recent episode, Severide opts to return to the ATF on a case-by-case basis, with Cruz taking over the squad once again.

Chief Boden confirms Cruz for the lieutenant's test, emphasizing his right to chart his own course and acknowledging his earned position.

Severide receives an ATF request for help on an arson case, indicating his ongoing involvement in fire investigation.

Stella checks in with Cruz, who reveals his dissatisfaction with Severide's insincere apology, feeling pushed to leave.