Fear the Walking Dead Review

The long-running series "Fear the Walking Dead" concluded its eight-season journey with a final double-header episode that brought together numerous dramatic and bizarre plotlines.

The finale, titled “Fighting Like You,” began with Troy and Tracy encountering a booby trap that left Troy impaled by a tree branch.

Tracy sought help and stumbled upon Madison, who restrained her in a SWAT van and set off to kill Troy but ended up only taking down Tracy’s mother, Serena.

Madison's attempt to kill Troy shifted when he convinced her that he knew the whereabouts of Russell, who was leading a herd.

Despite the urgency of the situation, Madison allowed Troy to stop and bury Serena, blaming Alicia for her death due to inspiring Serena's altruism, leading to her demise at the hands of others.

The narrative continued with the adversaries getting captured by Crane.

Their escape was short-lived as Shrike's brother intervened, causing a bridge collapse and leading them into a patch of quicksand.

The series finale packed in various elements such as unexpected deaths, convoluted character relationships and a mix of action and bizarre occurrences, characteristic of the show's tone throughout its run.