Exclusive Photos of DDG and Halle Bailey Spark Pregnancy Speculations

The Shade Room recently shared exclusive photos of DDG and Halle Bailey spotted in Santa Monica, California.

These photos have ignited considerable buzz and conversation among fans and on social media.

In the photos, Halle Bailey is pictured wearing a large hoodie and oversized sweatpants.

Notably, Bailey's appearance in the images has led to speculations about her potentially concealing a baby bump.

Observers and fans have started speculating on the possibility of Halle Bailey being pregnant based on her appearance in the photos.

The presence of what appears to be a baby bump in the images has fueled these discussions.

Social media has been abuzz with fans sharing their thoughts and opinions on the photos.

One user, for example, took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express their surprise and curiosity about the situation.