Emma Stone's Jeopardy! Dream

Emma Stone expresses her strong desire to be on Jeopardy! during an appearance on Variety's Awards Circuit podcast.

Despite being 35 years old, Emma Stone reveals that she applies annually in June to be on Jeopardy!, but has not received an invitation.

During the podcast, Clayton Davis, a senior awards editor, discusses his collection of "useless facts," hinting that they might be helpful for Stone if she joins Jeopardy!.

Emma Stone interjects, declaring Jeopardy! as her favorite show and a personal dream.

She expresses her eagerness to be on the regular show rather than Celebrity Jeopardy!.

Stone explains the annual quiz as part of the selection process, taken every June with hopes of being chosen.

Unfortunately, she hasn't received an invitation despite consistent efforts.

The ambiguity of the selection process means Stone has to wait for 9 to 12 months to learn about her potential participation.

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