Emma Stone Returns to TV in Paramount+ Series 'The Curse’ Trailer

Emma Stone returns to television in the upcoming Paramount+ series "The Curse" after her last TV role in 2018's "Maniac."

The series revolves around a recently married couple, played by Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder.

Their lives are thrown into turmoil when they encounter a young girl who places a curse on them.

Benny Safdie has joined the cast, playing the couple's television show producer and overseeing "Flipanthropy".

He watches the couple's marital troubles unfold as they grapple with the strange occurrences caused by the curse.

The recently released trailer for "The Curse" shows Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder dealing with unexpected supernatural chaos.

The Showtime series is set to premiere on Paramount+ on November 10. The couple, looking for a change in their lives, starts a television show focused on renovating homes.

However, an unfortunate encounter exposes them to forces beyond their understanding, threatening their marriage and their lives.