Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder star Series ‘The Curse Review’

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder star in a new film where their characters, Whitney Siegel and Asher, grapple with consequences and the unraveling of their lives.

Whitney questions Asher's belief that he can act without facing consequences hinting at the underlying issues in their relationship.

The couple embarks on a new HGTV show centered around their "holistic" home philosophy and "passive living" approach.

Benny Safdie plays a grimey producer with a closet full of skeletons who collaborates with the couple on their show.

Despite denial, the couple's actions reveal them as gentrifiers with plans to transform the low-income town of Española, New Mexico into an eco-friendly hub.

Asher faces unexpected consequences when cursed by a young girl in a supermarket parking lot, leading to a major plot twist.

The movie is aptly titled "The Curse" promising a mix of wackiness, discomfort and a deeper exploration of themes like colonization and greed.

Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie co-created "The Curse" bringing their unique perspectives to a film that delves into societal issues.

Described as "wonderfully wacky" and "punishingly uncomfortable" the film blends humor with a critical examination of its themes.