Emily Hampshire apologizes for Insensitive Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Halloween Costume

Emily Hampshire, best known for her role on "Schitt's Creek," expressed deep regret for her choice of Halloween costume this year.

She issued a heartfelt apology on social media for dressing like Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, with a friend who played Amber Heard crying.

Initially, Hampshire shared photos of her outfit, which featured fake tattoos and a wine bottle, but later removed the images due to online backlash.

In her statement on Wednesday, Emily Hampshire acknowledged the insensitivity of her actions and acknowledged that it was a thoughtless and ignorant choice.

She specifically addressed the seriousness of domestic abuse, stressing that it should never be a subject for comedy.

Hampshire expressed deep remorse for his actions and pledged to do better in the future, and ultimately apologized sincerely.

It is worth noting that during the popular CBC show "Schitt's Creek", Emily Hampshire played the role of motel clerk Stevie Budd.

Who had interacted with the Rose family after they moved to the town of Schitt's Creek.