Dorit's PTSD Revelation Shocks PK! Inside Their Emotional Showdown on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, PK Kemsley shared his views on wife Dorit's PTSD, suggesting that some aspects seem "obnoxious" rather than concerning.

The couple engaged in a joint therapy session to address Dorit's lingering PTSD resulting from a 2021 home invasion that occurred while PK was away on business in London.

Dorit expressed frustration stating her need for PK's support after the traumatic incident.

She highlighted the importance of him being present both physically and emotionally during such challenging times.

The home invasion, where Dorit was robbed at gunpoint while with their children, had a profound impact.

The perpetrators were never caught adding to the ongoing distress.

A disagreement arose over their anniversary celebration, with Dorit explaining that surprises trigger anxiety for her, influenced by her PTSD.

PK questioned whether immediate discussion of PTSD was necessary.

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