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Disney Lorcana is known for delving deep into Disney's extensive film vault, which is highly appreciated by card game enthusiasts and Disney fans.

Ravensburger, the creator of the card game "Rise of the Floodborn," has been steadily unveiling spoilers for the game.

This week, they revealed new cards, including different forms for characters like Madam Mim and Merlin.

Merlin is seen in Squirrel and Crab forms, with a potential Dragon form on the horizon.

An updated OP Kit was also released, providing references to more upcoming cards from the set.

The OP Kit disclosed that each of the Seven Dwarves will have their individual cards in the "Rise of the Floodborn" set.

Characters from "The Great Mouse Detective" will also make an appearance in this set.

While the presence of Basil, the main character, was expected, the surprise lies in the inclusion of characters like Hiram Flaversham and Mrs. Judson.