Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer tops box office 19 Day: - $22.4 million

"Oppenheimer" became the top-grossing film in South Korea for the third consecutive weekend.

The film grossed $2.04 million in 19 days for a total of $22.4 million.

The series of victories of "Oppenheimer" again shows the appreciation of Korean audience's top acting skills.

The Oppenheimer film also highlights the weak selection of competing titles in the Korean market.

The newly released title ranked by the Korean Film Council was the drama thriller "Don't Buy the Cellar", which took second place.

Oppenheimer scored only $1.27 million over the weekend and $1.87 million in its first five days.

The box office gross pulled below trend and below $10 million for the second consecutive weekend.

Taking in theaters on Friday and Sunday was only $7.21 million, down from $9.95 million the week before.