Chris Harrison marries Lauren Zima: Inside his Two weddings

Chris Harrison, the former host of The Bachelor and its spinoffs and Lauren Zima a producer, got married in two ceremonies.

The first ceremony took place in Napa Valley, California on October 14 and the second ceremony was held on November 4 in Austin, Texas.

The Napa Valley wedding was described as emotional and intimate with only close family and friends in attendance, while the Austin celebration was a larger event with Bachelor franchise alumni as guests.

The couple posted photos on Instagram, announcing their marriage and Lauren Zima wrote, "We're married ❤️Let the journey begin …."

Prior to the ceremonies, a group of Bachelor franchise alumni gathered to reminisce and Chris Harrison humorously mentioned that he might send some of them home heartbroken, similar to the show's format.

Signature cocktails at the event were named with a nod to Chris Harrison's Bachelor hosting, such as "The Final Rose" and "The Bachelor No More."

While they considered having Chris officiate the wedding due to his experience they chose Mike Levitt, a longtime friend to be the officiant.

Napa Valley holds special significance for the couple as it's where Chris Harrison proposed to Lauren Zima in 2021.