Cher's Request for Temporary Conservatorship Over Son Elijah Blue Allman Denied

A Los Angeles judge rejects Cher's request for temporary conservatorship over her son, Elijah Blue Allman.

Concerns cited are related to Elijah's mental health and substance abuse issues.

Cher's lawyer discloses Elijah's struggles with addiction and schizoaffective disorder, leading to periods of psychosis.

Elijah has been placed on involuntary hospital holds multiple times, prompting Cher's fears for his life.

Cher's lawyer stresses the urgency of protecting Elijah, expressing concerns that denial could pose potential risks, especially with an upcoming trust payment.

The judge acknowledges Cher's concerns but finds insufficient evidence to prove Elijah's current incapacity to manage his affairs.

A follow-up hearing for a possible permanent conservatorship is scheduled for March 6.

Cher filed a petition on December 27 expressing ongoing worries about Elijah's mental health and substance abuse.