Captain America 4: Brave New World officially confirmed

A month ago a leaker said that the title of Captain America 4 has changed.

He didn't reveal what Marvel chose to replace New World Order with.

He said at the time that any title change should be official soon if the information is correct.

Comic-Con 2023 is not a great place to make such an announcement.

But we don't have to wait for one more month to announce.

Anthony Mackie shows off Sam Wilson's new suit titled Captain America 4 Brave New World.

Sam Wilson's new Captain America suit could be spoilers as we haven't seen the blurry set photos that leaked a while ago.

Marvel has started production on Captain America 4. We have seen the behind the scenes pictures of that set.

Sam Wilson is featured in a predominantly blue suit, instead of the mostly white Captain America suit from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.