Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie announce separation

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie have announced their separation after 18 years of marriage.

Trudeau and Sophie have openly discussed past challenges in the relationship and have been seen rarely in public in recent years.

Trudeau, 51 and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, 48 were married in May 2005 and have three children.

On their anniversary in 2020 he described her as "my rock, my partner and my best friend".

"Sophie and I, after many meaningful and difficult conversations, have decided to separate," Trudeau said on Instagram.

The development marks one of Trudeau's biggest personal crises since taking office in 2015.

He announced a major cabinet reshuffle with the aim of strengthening his Liberal Party's position in the elections.

Trudeau was determined to lead the Liberals to an upcoming election in October 2025.