Brooke Shields reveals she suffered a grand mal seizure and Bradley Cooper help me

Brooke Shields recently experienced a grand mal seizure that led to her being rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

She was preparing for her one-woman show at The Carlyle when the incident occurred.

She had collapsed and started "frothing at the mouth" and was unaware that she had low sodium levels.

While waiting for an Uber, she began to feel unwell and looked strange, prompting concern from those around her.

She went to the West Village hotspot L'Artusi, but suddenly everything went dark and she had a grand mal seizure, during which she frothed at the mouth and turned blue.

The next thing she remembered was being loaded into an ambulance with oxygen on.

In a surprising turn of events, the former model discovered that the person in the ambulance with her was none other than Bradley Cooper, who was holding her hand.

When Brooke Shields had her medical incident, the sommelier at L'Artusi attempted to contact her husband, Chris Henchy.

However, they reached an assistant who then contacted Bradley Cooper since he was nearby.


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